QSPG Queensland Security background

Security Guards

Gold Coast Security guards and Brisbane security guardsSome of the services we provide security for include:
High rise apartment blocks & gated communities
Construction sites
Shopping Centres
Cash Collection & banking Service
Crowd Control
Loss Prevention
Close protection/bodyguard service
Control room operators
Static security guards
Gatehouse Security
Drug & Alcohol Testing Services
All officers are accredited, fully licensed and available for your requirements, large or small covering a diverse range of market sectors.  Whether you need a guard at a private party or a team of 25 guards to secure your event, our management support systems and personnel prove that a structured pathway are the key to success.
We provide guards to permanent and temporary sites, if you'd like one of our management team to provide you with a quote please contact us.   

Our aim is to provide a flexible yet professional service that meets the specific security requirements whilst adhering strictly to Australian standards: AS 4421-1996.