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The retail sector is a major drive of growth in the Australian economy and is the barometer of the economic health of Australia’s future growth prospects. As stated by the Australian Retailers Association (ARA), retail thefts forms part of the largest crime category in Australia, costing businesses more the $4 billion each year, thereby making the shrinkage point between two and four percent in the retail sector.
QSPG, over the past 11 years of its existence, have helped introduce a variety of customized loss prevention programs to help retailers minimize their losses in order to provide a safe working and shopping environment. A brief point-based list is mentioned below of the services we could offer, but is not limited to these:

Initial consulting and assessment of site, prior to making decisions on the type and level of security required, by checking access points and other factors to ensure that you have invested in the right security solutions.
Installation of cameras, motion detectors, CCTV monitoring and alarm systems if required based on site assessment. QSPG has partnered with Mobotix AG, the market leader in high Resolution Mega Pixel IP video surveillance, to ensure that we just do not give you any service, but the best.
Availability of armed, unarmed security guards and k-9 dog squad units 24x7 to suit your requirements and needs.