QSPG Queensland Security background

Manufacturing and IndustrialManufacturing and Industrial security

QSPG offers specifically tailored and custom made solutions to serve the needs and requirements of the industrial sector, which may include but not limited to the mining, energy, resources and food, to ensure that you have invested in the right security solution that is an answer to all your needs.

Procedures and instructions to be performed, upon request by the client, would be stated and recorded in a Standard Operational Procedures (SOP) book, which would be strictly followed and adhered to by the security officers. Our highly skilled and customer-oriented team will ensure with sheer dedication and commitment that your site is looked after not just by any security officer, but by the very best in the industry. Our key services may include, but not restricted to:

  1. Initial consulting and assessment of site, prior to making decisions on the type and level of security required, by checking access points and other factors to ensure that you have invested in the right security solutions.
  2. Installation of cameras, motion detectors and CCTV monitoring systems if required based on site assessment. QSPG has partnered with Mobotix AG, the market leader in high Resolution Mega Pixel IP video surveillance, to ensure that we just do not give you any service, but the best.
  3. Availability of armed, unarmed security guards and k-9 dog squad units 24x7 to suit your requirements and needs who would perform key services like, but not limited to:
  • Access control procedures for visitors and contractors
  • Specific gate/door duties, which may include vehicle logging, ID checks and basic telephone operations like transfers and other specific roles.
  • CCTV Monitoring and emergency response.
  • Perimeter checks, site securing and mobile patrols.
  • Fire Alarm response and site evacuations.
  • Key control supported by standard logging procedures for issue and return.
  • Vehicle and customer escorts
  • Incident report logging and follow-ups made.