QSPG Queensland Security background

Government and DefenceGovernment and defence security services

Security on defence and government sites calls for a more enhanced and optimized guarding solution. With the availability of QSPG’s highly trained and skilled security personnel who have got the required defence clearances and approvals, we ensure that the assets and classified information of our country is protected against unlawful hands.

An entirely different and standardized approach is used internally for the purpose of recruitment of security officers for defence bases and government sites, as they have been handpicked from the very best of our team and trained specifically for this sector. Once on site, our officers will adhere to the operational procedures and instruction entrusted to them, and will execute their specified job role with utmost loyalty and patriotism. Some of the key services provided are, but not limited to:

  • Availability of armed, unarmed security guards and k-9 dog squad units 24x7 to suit your requirements and needs who would perform key services like, but not limited to:
  •     Access control procedures for visitors and contractors
  •     Specific gate/door duties, which may include vehicle logging, ID checks and basic telephone operations like transfers and other specific roles.
  •     CCTV Monitoring and emergency response.
  •     Perimeter checks, site securing and mobile patrols.
  •     Fire Alarm response and site evacuations.
  •     Key control supported by standard logging procedures for issue and return.
  •     Vehicle and customer escorts
  •     Incident report logging and follow-ups made.