QSPG Queensland Security background

Aviation Security

Aviation security refers to the techniques, methodologies and processes involved, implemented and used to safeguard aviation operations against unlawful interference. An Airport is a place where large numbers of people pass through every day. Such gatherings present a target for crime and operational interferences due to the large concentration of people in a small enclosed area. In these kinds of environments, the safety and security of the employees, passengers, crew and aircraft become the responsibility of the security and authorized personnel involved to ensure the smooth functioning of the airports normal business operations.

QSPG Aviation division tries to research, study and evolve through the ever-changing technologies, processes and regulatory compliance standards involved in the industry to offer a unique and dynamic service experience to our clients. Our specially trained professional and customer-oriented aviation guards have been entrusted to be committed and to execute their roles and responsibilities to their best capabilities and skills to offer you “Our Client” an extraordinary service outcome.


Our key Services include:Gold Coast Aviation Security

  • Passenger and employee screening
  • Checked Baggage screening
  • Cargo and freight Screening
  • Airport patrolling
  • Concierge Services
  • First aid and Medical Support
  • Escort Services
  • High-level Threat Assessments
  • Car Park Management
  • Asset Management and Protection